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July 17, 2018

I have great skill in the kitchen, and Denny’s will eventually see that. I have made my own Thai style chicken Satay, and Indian butter chicken with curry in it. I don’t know when the expiration date is but seriously- I need to keep it around. I have made a decent lemon sauce with lemonade, lemon juice, two tablespoons soy sauce, and cornstarch. I can make cherry streusel and coffee cake. I have a real lactose free empire thing going for me though because I have ideas for lactose free recipes. I have made empanadas this year, and I can make decent plantains just like the ones at that café in Downtown San Jose at San Pedro Square.

I’m a decent cook, flat out great. Rumors of my supposed incompetence are all lies. Lies that could almost be considered character defamation. Lies on top of lies, and for your information, I can cook without messing up my kitchen. I can cook without burning myself. The reason why? My medication. I’m the strictest person alive when it comes to maintaining my health regimen. Those of you trying to bring me down from a distance by psychically picking at me saying “fuck yourself up,” no, never going to happen. I choose to live well with what I got.

And if I ever see a certain massage therapist in my presence telling me to quit taking meds, you will be soundly intimidated. I worked my magic on somebody other than my family at a certain conference where I pointedly looked at my no-touchy badge. I pouted, looked, and he started shaking while walking past me. I have previously only induced this on my family. Now that shame trigger works on other people besides my family. Lol. I will have to experiment with making someone else shake. I know I have to be grounded in my power to induce it in somebody else. Its worth a shot, I’m interested in an experiment. Stay tuned.

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