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Making Significant Income On Your Blog

July 18, 2018

Blogging is the next big thing when it comes to using the Internet. I monetized my blog in March of this year, 2018. I’d like to make $1,000 a month blogging because I want to be able to support myself better, now that I’ve proven I can live independently. I’ve found this website (, which teaches that you can make $89 in three days. I’m using affiliate programs on my blog. WordPress means that not everybody has to be a professional coder to start a website online. As a would-be professional blogger, there is a way to pay for your monetization of WordPress as your blog.

I use WordPress to host my blog since it comes with paying for monetization. I have a pink background on this blog to be girly but I’m not exactly the most “girly” person. I have WordPress Premium. What I understand is that you have to build up traffic, as the more you get, the more money you make. It is why I update my blog two-to-three times a day. I use affiliate links through Max Bounty, which by the way, you have to interview with to get started. Apparently they feel I can make money from affiliate links.

I seriously need to make $500 a month in order to make progress with my income. I make less than $1,000 currently. I do have a Blogger blog that isn’t qualified for Adsense because I need to update it more. I’m looking into making money from sponsored posts as well. I seriously need more income, in general. I’m stuck, I feel so terribly stuck being low income and I even don’t get the work from home jobs. I don’t know how to move my stuck energy. I suppose when I get into cursing, I wind up getting myself stuck. I’ve learned that I need to forgive in order to manifest money. But see, when somebody does the same stuff over and over again it is hard to maintain an air of forgiveness.

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