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How I Would Like TO Set Up A Business as a Tarot Reader

July 20, 2018

I already work as a work from home psychic for this one hotline. I would also like to become a Tarot Reader who reads for clients. I would charge $40 a reading. I’m thorough. I can read for myself now. I start by looking at the spread and saying what comes to mind. Then I look up what I said in the symbolism definition book. What I say is very accurate. I ask a yes/no question or I ask something more complicated. But every time, I’m getting better at reading ever since I wrote a paper reviewing every single tarot card in the deck.

I need one of those debit chip readers for my phone but my current phone needs repair as the screen is coming off. I have to go to either the Apple Store or the Sprint Store for that. Yes, tomorrow I’m going to the library, which means I’m taking the car. I’m also going to the Sprint store where I actually made an appointment. I know how to use Tarot by now and I record my readings onto my phone. I have a nice collection of quirky titles going. Tarot is all symbolism.

Cards that have to do with mental health are The Star, The Moon, The Tower, and The Hanged Man. The Chariot implies transportation issues, for example. I have a deck with princes and princesses but I’d be using my Rider-Waite, which uses Pages and Knights. That right there is a major difference between decks. I can read without the book these days. It’d be nice to earn a place at a store as a reader, I need to gain experience in the task of reading Tarot cards, because readin

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