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Rudeness Is A Form of Emotional Abuse

July 21, 2018

Rudeness is a form of emotional abuse since somebody is not being civil when they want something from you. I was at a workshop years ago, when somebody lifted me bodily and put me down away from the table where I was talking to someone as I was paying for the workshop. I learned something about Donna Eden Energy medicine in that workshop but I eventually quit because of the rude person picking me up. Certain mental health organizations are rude to me, I have had to deal with cat calling employees when I said my name and asked to see somebody as I was given an address to go to where there was a party for us mentally ill folk and I saw some worse off than myself.

When somebody levels a put down at you, this is emotional abuse. I have had to deal with rude people at my mental health clinic who said to me in a harsh manner, “She is with a client” speaking at me with intensity, when I asked to talk to my social worker. So the next timed I talked to her I made sure to tell her “what is your problem?” She hasn’t been rude to me again.

Rude people do this to make sure their victims are in their power, and under their control. Emotionally abusive people do not respond to limits well. As in, pointing out their behavior, so that they can be made to see the light. Rudeness can get anybody fired, this involves being short tempered with a client, for example. I can make people squirm quite well. Like at Pantheacon, where I made a man who likes to hug people freak out when I looked at my no touchy badge a few times, pouting, looking, twirling it. I made him tremble. I realize I can make people other than my family tremble. I enjoy the power believe me.

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