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Health Care Reform

July 21, 2018

There is nothing more frustrating for me to deal with in these times than health care reform. If I had to pay for real insurance, I need at least an income of $100,000. To buy the condo requires $500,000 of blood money. I want to be in the 8.8 million Americans who buy the Affordable Care Act. Health care access has many problems in the United States, particularly the bizarre expectation that you have to buy every treatment you need, with exorbitant drug prices. With new prescription medication constantly on the horizon, health care management professor from Wharton Mark Pauly states in this article, that technology has improved because 46 new medications came out in 2017, the most in one year since 1996. Also quoted in this broadcast, is Drexels’ Robert Field.

I have always disagreed with the individual mandate because the government need not get busy with making demands on its people to buy health care. This was a contention for me in 2016, because facing a penalty is quite un-American in my view. Next year, the mandate idea is up for reformation. Apparently hospitals get paid and doctors get paid too. Health care is the one sort of field in the United States that is immune to recessions.

Health care is one thing that I find demeaning, because we have so much money in this country already. Why not make health care free or low-cost? Since we capitalists are obsessed with having to pay for everything. I mean we spend every red cent keeping the money machine alive. The thing is, the Elite would rather destroy the country than share in their profound wealth with the rest of us. You get stuck in an income bracket as an unrepentant capitalist. So I ask again, reform the health care system, let those enrolled in free insurance because we are low-income, make some extra money. Quit making low-income a stranglehold on our desire for money.


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