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Beach Body

July 22, 2018

As you know, I’m low-income and attempting to make a killer living off of my blog. I’m also selling Beach Body. The thing is, I’m 4’10 and when I started trying Shakeology in the dosage of 0.3 Chocolate or Vanilla, I managed to lose 3 pounds give or take my previous weight of 123 lbs. I’m now at 120 lbs., feeling a touch chunky. I’m still attempting to eat no Chewy Chocolate Granola bars, which I’m addicted to. I have quit those almost cold turkey, since I did wind up getting myself mini chocolate chips though to use in a pudding dessert I found in a diabetic dessert book.

The only exercise I can stand because of my knee injury making my entire left knee cap stiff, is to walk in the pool. My tibia has long since healed. But well, my knee is still stiff. On a side note, my family won’t send me extra income. I live off of low-income every so often. I’m treated weird for even needing extra income. But see, it would be nice. Damn it, if they are busy pretending I don’t need extra money. I’m the only one on meds though. Therefore, I’m the only one who makes sense.

And for the love of God, somebody click on this affiliate link:


tough, B. Inc.


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