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They Are Trying to Overturn Obama’s Affordable Care Act Provisions

July 23, 2018

One thing I do disagree with Obama on is that whole, mandatory insurance deal. Not everybody has to have mandatory insurance. I feel that’s unconstitutional. So I agreed with them changing this rule. I disagree on ruling the health care law invalid altogether, as well as reinstating the whole rule that people with pre-existing conditions can’t have healthcare. You see, health care funding goes to the states but if they are busy fighting the Medicare expansion, then they lose their funding. The people who voted Trump into office did so, because he would dismantle Obama-era health care provisions, leaving the rest of us screwed.

The Trump administration also promotes health care plans that do not meet the law’s requirements., as the Trump administration is trying to undermine Obama’s work. Some say that the Affordable Care Act can stand on its own without taxing people who do not have insurance. Those seeking abortion related health care bar health care providers from preventing access to this care, was ruled against in (2016), by District Judge Reed O’Conner, a W. Bush appointee.

What the Affordable Care Act detractors want is to undermine the bill. But “Larry Levitt at the Kaiser Family Foundation, a neutral source of health care data, said his sense is that at the end of the day, setting the mandate penalty to zero, which is what the tax law does, “will hobble the ACA, but not kill it.”
“The heart of the ACA – the premium subsidies, the Medicaid expansion, and protections for pre-existing conditions – remain in place,” he said. ” Protection from people with Pre-existing conditions being forced to pay more for health care is something that I expect. Before the Affordable Care Act, getting coverage with a pre-existing condition meant that you couldn’t have coverage at all. I grew up with shaky coverage give or take COBRA unemployment insurance. Health care is a continuing debate.


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