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Shit-Talking Made Easy

July 23, 2018

There are two categories of shit-talking. Good shit-talking and bad-shit-talking. Bad talking means you are making stuff up. Good talking means you are telling the truth. The truth is far scarier than any lie anybody can make up. The truth is terrifying. The truth is what liars are afraid of. Liars are terrified of being straight with people. They are the ones who cannot be trusted. Good talking means that person can be trusted. As in, wow, she really has no filter, and talking about people’s private complaints to other people means that the person who did this has loose lips.

Loose lips do sink ships, so my Facebook friends, always keep your mouth shut and don’t tell anybody who may manipulate you, my Cylon jokes. You see, that joke means that Cylons on Battlestar Galactica, fake being human. They pretend to be human, sure. Mentally ill people pretend to be normal. This is part of my joke. Cylon refers to people who fake not being ill. Somehow alcohol hides their symptoms. This is why they are tricky to catch. Cylons on BSG have certain kinds of copies, they are copies, or clones of each other. People I have known are cookie cutter personality types, some of whom have been mean to me like my family. So when I joke about Cylons, it is more than one person.


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