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If Health Care Were Free In the United States

July 24, 2018

I have often thought, what if healthcare was free or low costs in the United States? I mean SSI is free healthcare but when you make money, you get cut. I need to make money but see, I don’t want to be left up the creek either. So I can earn $2000 as the limit which means I have to talk to them social security people once I get there financially. I have many publishing markets that I know of, that I can submit my work to. If health care were affordable for the rest of us, with provisions made for the Medicare expansion, then it would be fair for everybody.

For those people who do not approve of SSI, think again. It is what keeps me together, as I can pick up prescriptions for free. They helped me get a new insulin pump for free. So before you go criticizing why I stay low-income with nothing, think about why I wasn’t allowed to see a psychiatrist until 2011. My suffering didn’t matter to certain people who refused me the right to see a psychiatrist, it was not until I gave my parent’s insurance the boot, I waited extra time to see a proper psychiatrist. If only health care were more accessible to all.

I had to wait way too long. I didn’t get a proper schizophrenia diagnosis until 2012 anyway. I needed that diagnosis since I turned 12 or younger, as I have pediatric onset schizophrenia, but I had to wait until I was 30 to get a proper diagnosis. The family secret is out. I know I have schizophrenia now. You have any idea how painful it is to know you need medication but you weren’t allowed to know why? I didn’t know why for many years. Sigh, well, the least I can in my adult life is take my medication daily, in revenge for all the lost years of depression, and worse symptoms.


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