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Art Supplies Needed

July 24, 2018

I’m willing to take donations of canvas, construction paper, white paper, lined paper, and more. I need sketch books, pastels, and watercolor as well as paints. As far as colored pencils go, I have some, in a variety of colors that I can still use. I’m not going to buy new ones. This is worth a trip to Michael’s because I want to see what I can get together. I do need canvasses though. I can teach myself enough art but I have to take classes as well. My big frustration though is being low-income. That’s a massive frustrating thing for me to deal with right now.

Nothing triggers my TK and PK more than frustration. Heavy, gut wrenching, sinking frustration. I need to come up with a plan to make money. I have tried time and again. I have at least 12 business plans, as well as blurbs for my ideas. I’m going to send these plans all around the world on USB drives to family I trust. At least I know one cousin knows the Churro guy in Spain. He’s going to make good on that eventually. I’m very low income for now, and unable to scrounge up income for art supplies. Pastels would be nice to have as it is one type of medium I remember from art class.

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