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My Garden

July 25, 2018

My garden is being planted in the shadows of my old dresser drawer, which fell apart. I’m trying to grow tomatoes from seedlings. Some tomatoes have grown, while others are stalled. I attempted to use Reiki to make the tomatoes start growing. But well, I’m not sure if it will work. I’m growing beef stake tomatoes and using my dresser drawer for planters. I need to get crates to replace my dresser drawers, the drawers of which are on my bedroom floor. I have starter trays and Miracle Grow soil with some seedlings already starting to sprout, because I try to water daily.

I plan on growing an organic garden. I can buy planters as I make more money, having them shipped over here with eBay. I can also buy hydroponics gardening equipment so as to work on my agricultural experiments. I need more books on hydroponics and agricultural topics. My garden is going places, as am I. I will buy a hose, to start a drip irrigation system with pipes as well. I need some sort of tray to put on top of the hose, where I can pour water down the hose, and into the piping system.


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