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Why You Should Leave Abusive Work Places

July 31, 2018

You will face constant stress, discomfort, and agitation if you stay in the company of an abusive boss. The boss doesn’t need to give you so much shit, really. How much stress do you want to deal with if you do not want to leave an abusive workplace. Abusers never stop when told to stop. Many of them are narcissistic. They take advantage of you constantly, brainwashing you to take their shit. Therefore, I say again, why stay in an abusive work environment? Is there a point to all your masochistic glee staying in an abusive relationship or an abusive work environment?

You must really like being mistreated if you stay put or put up with it. Don’t take advantage of my willingness to listen to you for goodness sake, if I say leave, and then try to leave. I don’t see why some people insist on staying put because they use their pity party “my kid needs health care coverage” routine on their employers. Or perhaps their wife needs coverage too. I’m not talking about anybody in particular. Abusers do this in order to make themselves feel high. They feel way too good. So quit letting them mess with you, find a better job situation you can tolerate.


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