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World War 3 Visions

August 1, 2018

This piece is personal. I have been in Sausalito, watching San Francisco from a pier and I had a vision of an atomic bomb blast leveling San Francisco to the ground. I saw a flash-I saw the smoke coming out of the explosion. I was startled. Then I blinked to make it go away. I have atomic blast dreams all the time. I’m not even sure if this is a psychic thing or what, or maybe it just comes from my stress at world events since I try not to watch the news too much.

A bomb blast can happen anywhere due to the fact that there are agitations between the US and Russia, the US and China, and the US and North Korea. Could things be any worse? We are causing a lot of drama in the world. It is bad. What the hell are we doing? If we drop the bomb on anybody, many ET races will give up and just leave. If somebody drops the bomb on us, they may try to intervene or leave us to clean up the mess on our own, whichever. We humans may be able to put a stop to the bomb by using psychokinesis to our advantage in a mass psychokinesis experience.

Can anything metal be stopped by distance psychokinesis? I can bend spoons, forks and other metals around me. But not all the time, and only when I have breakthrough anxiety problems that feel like a rush of energy bestowed on me when I feel like something is life or death. Feeling uncomfortable can bring on my psychokinesis, bending the metals around me. I once managed to bend a very thin nail. I’m trying to duplicate this again with little luck. Yes, reproducing psychokinesis is hard to do in a laboratory, let alone in daily life.

My visions of scattered survivors of an atomic bomb are very much like The Walking Dead, even if I don’t watch that show for long since it deals with zombies. I don’t do horror, really, at all. I prefer fun science fiction over horror. I mean if we do drop a bomb causing a harsh end to civilization as we know it in the United States, that creates serious issues for our planet in the form of environmental problems that would be aggravated by dropping a bomb causing nuclear winter. Star Trek in all forms, does mention that the bomb was dropped in the 21st century. I’m wondering if we are headed to this point yet.

This is why we have to rise up. Don’t go to large protests, or take to the streets, they have other plans for these possibilities. Instead, I entertain the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword or gun. So write, talk to people on the Internet, but don’t go to protests, they are looking for any excuse. Don’t rebel in public scenarios either. They want an excuse to make mass arrests. Keep it quiet, lurk, write on message boards.

Social change comes slowly. Star Trek: Enterprise reflects on the fact that it took humans less than a century to pull it together after World War 3, with a United Earth Government in 2150, finally. Star Trek implies that all of earth’s problems, such as poverty and hunger were fixed. In real life, it is the other way around, the Galactic Federation exists, while we are supposed to join up eventually. Humans are left on their own to resolve problems on this planet by ourselves, as some may or may not help us, this subject is confusing to many.

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