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What Kind of Work Environment Would I Like To Manifest?

August 1, 2018

I would like to manifest a work environment where I’m included. I grew up expecting abuse, and being quite unable to remove myself from toxic situations. My elementary school was pretty toxic because we picked on each other. My classmates had enormous difficulty being kind to each other, because of the need for henpecking. Work environments need to be safe for me. I have to remain free of misogyny. Sexist males need not be in my orbit. I have the option of leaving toxic work environments, but even with a family, those of us stuck in that sort of environment, need to leave.

Toxic work environments cause extreme stress. Do you really want to put yourself through that? I would like to manifest a job, perhaps in publishing, or reporting, or writing/editing for a publishing company. They exist in California as it is not all holed up in New York City. The thing is, I have to find a job I’m a good fit for. There may even be work from home jobs out there. I’m frustrated though, with my work situation in general. So frustrated. Nothing is out there waiting to hire me as their employee.

This just makes me writhe because I’m trying here. I’m trying really hard. I refuse to fall into a sub-minimum wage trap because I’m disabled. No, there has to be another way to find a job worthy of me. I worry that some work from home website listings are scams. Indeed is the only legit website out there with real work from home jobs along with ProBlogger. Craigslist gives me a bad feeling these days since I never know what is a real job or not. Yes, though, I’m trying to make extra money. I’m not even used to $500 a month extra, besides what I already get.


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