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Getting Abused People Away From their Families

August 5, 2018

Sometimes, people do not realize that abuse victims are injured in their families because of their family dynamic. Disabled adults need resources as to how to get away from abusive families. I want to start a shelter and a hotline. We would help people get on or off SSI. SSI provides us with a way to take charge of our health care decisions. I was completely unable to see a psychiatrist from parental bullshit, until I got SSI. I put it off way too long actually, because I was still capitulating to manipulation. But then, I thought, I need treatment for my mental health, the thing is, I was still going, aww, I have way too much sympathy for mom’s needing me to avoid treatment, I think I’ll let that one slide.

Now that I’m treated, I can see how messed up my own family is. This is why I want to create resources to combat additional barriers disabled people find on their way to get more independent from their families, both physically and financially. It is appalling that disabled adults cannot support themselves on low-income alone. They seem to be stalled or tripped up by their own family, some families of whom will not give them extra money besides their SSI.

The benefits of being low-income outweigh the risks of making money right now as my coin divination and tarot readings didn’t say get off SSI, they said stay put. Yes, I can predict my tarot card picks now. I mean I can choose a card, and I almost know what it is before I look at it. I have to choose directors for my organization though. I have a funny idea for raising money. The idea is quite simple: I do my marital arts thing on men bigger than me. We can rent a gym for this and get a list of people who volunteer to get pushed by somebody smaller than they are. People place their bets on who will win, and then I try to push the person who will be innocent that somebody as tiny as myself can push him around. Yes, this needs to be done. I may need to find wrestlers or something so I can use them as an example. We can put together a YouTube video about this so that people can see it; with said video possibly going viral which I don’t necessarily mind but yes, I’m shy enough to say, why the hell do I need to be that public?

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