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Nonprofit Organizations: How Mine Will Work

August 5, 2018

To start, we’d have a rotation as to who the President is or who will be in charge of meetings. Everybody will get a chance to run things, after all, this is a rather unconventional organization where many will wear many hats. We would need people to staff the hotline M-F and Sat/Sun. I mean I might have to wear many hats, such as HR. I do not want to have one leader for the entire organization although that will be me at times, I want to share the role with others. Everybody will take turns being in charge. I guess I can be called executive director though. We could have a program manager and a program associate. (

We need a program coordinator to handle intake for anybody who wants to get into the shelter. An administrative assistant would cover the admin side of everything. We most definitely need to have a computer lab so that everybody can gain access to online/work from home jobs even if that requires a headset. I envision setting up this shelter by design, inside a warehouse that could easily double as a bunker, since where do disabled people go in the event of an attack? We are easily screwed over.

We also need an accountant, a human resource manager for hiring, and an information technology manager who can deal with the computers. I could double as a grant writer, but we need one more experienced. I want to be able to pay my people, even if they stay at the shelter as well as working the non-profit jobs made available by the shelter. Communications people mean that we need a publicist as well one of those social media types who will update our Facebook page. We may even need a staff psychologist for the phones, so somebody with a background in psychology needs to staff the phones.


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