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How to Set Up a Non-Profit’s Articles of Incorporation

August 6, 2018

Members who run their non-profit actually give other members voting rights because the organization will use bylaws and articles of incorporation, which gives their members voting rights on the board. The corporation must have 50 members or more, and I would have to track down many a disabled person to fill roles even if I cannot pay them just yet. Apparently articles of incorporation are written after the bylaws while the bylaws come first. Voting members need to adopt, amend, repeal because of provisions granted by the bylaws.

Quorum is necessary in order to make any changes to the bylaws according to my Nolo Press book, How to Form a Non-profit in California. 20 voting members are the maximum number who can change the bylaws, while 5 members can actually be the minimum. To any of my Facebook friends who are reading this and have a disability, while wanting to join my non-profit, please let me know. The downside though is that I can’t pay you and I want to generate seed money by having that “I can push people twice my size around,” contest. I would pretty much make everybody an equal member I guess because I believe in fostering environments where radical social equality is an existing fact.

This idea is a benefit to the public because we are protecting the disabled person still living at home from their parents, should that relationship go sour. A bylaw document would contain the corporation’s name, (which I haven’t thought of it), place of business, policies as well as procedures/operating standards defined as to how the business will function. Articles of incorporation include details like the name of the incorporator, corporation name, names, signatures, and addresses of initial directors. When one files articles of incorporation, you become a legal entity.

Macuso, Anthony. Nolo Press. How To Form A non-Profit in California, 2017.


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