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How to Set Up A Non-Profit’s Articles of Incorporation

August 6, 2018
A new non-profit organization requires articles of incorporation because they are tax exempt. I don’t quite have a name for my non-profit, this is confusing me since normally I get names for characters, businesses, and other stuff but no name has come to me for this non-profit idea of mine that I haven’t even put on the master ideas list. The services I intend to provide will be getting disabled people out on their own while at the same time helping them get on or off SSI. The way disabled people get treated in an unsafe family means they are somehow forced to believe they cannot escape.

When somebody in this situation, does escape, they find themselves very anxious because they are doing something their overprotective family doesn’t support. From what I see, there are dizzying amounts of forms, samples, and fees. If you are allowed to file for incorporation, you can do this online. Bylaws have to be prepared next, and by this ( the non-profit has to elect board members, as well as how your organization breaks up when this might happen. You have to elect a President, Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

Non-profits have to keep records of all your meetings, articles of incorporation, bylaws, amendments and resolutions. Some states do require a registration with the state attorney general, in order to run fundraisers, a rule highly dependent on your the size of your organization or your mission. You do have to file with the attorney general? This is confusing to me. I’m very low income, so I have to do this the cheap way, using library books, and paying for my internet bill. Apparently, you have to file the articles of incorporation first, and then the bylaws, with the conflict of interest policy, as well as adopting the fiscal year. That’s a lot of work and I know you can get EINs for free. And there is that whole non-profits are tax exempt which confuse me.

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