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Why Disabled Adults Need to Break Away from Their Families

August 6, 2018

Many people claim their kids have social maturity problems, but it is really a problem of the family. If the parents are narcissistic, it is their problem, not their child’s problem. Narcissists can’t see straight. They have real problems. Disabled people can do a great job taking care of themselves. But parents often claim they cannot, because they see their kid’s disability as a way of engaging in crazymaking. Their kid is probably a lot more together than they care to realize, since the parents themselves are more of a mess.

Then you deal with my family, who told me not to be friends with disabled people. Excuse me? Did she just slur a whole group of people? Yes, she did. WTF? Slur us why don’t you? Well, we don’t need your shit. I suggest that people with health problems set up a huge protest in Washington, in the Mall. We march, we protest our health care rights; we protest having to be forced to live with our disability. We demand more research be done; we demand cures. We demand better quality of care. Disabled adults do not always get treated like they have civil rights.

Many of us are forced to be low-income. Then we make money, and get out of the system. But sometimes our parents refuse to help us out. This is why my non-profit would work on ways to help disabled people to make money. Jobs online, remote, and work from home jobs. There are many kinds of disabilities out there, but not everybody who has one has mental retardation along with their problem. To lump us all into one category of “retard,” to throw the word “retarded” around as in the phrase “that’s retarded, ” is frankly, retarded. Don’t piss off the retards, because many of us know how to deal with you better.


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