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Nonprofit Organization Fundraiser

August 7, 2018

I have at least one crazy idea about a fundraiser for my non-profit. This idea would require renting a gym. I have learned about Chi strength from a Qigong seminar I took while I was in college. You see, I’ve always been strong enough to haul my heavy backpacks around. Just walking from class to the car, it was enough exercise for one day. Then later, I took the bus for junior college, once again an exercise in having a heavy backpack. Somehow I managed with intense workloads. This is why I want to attempt law school.

But hey, if everything is digital, I may not need to haul heavy books around. Yes, though, I learned at that Qigong seminar that I could push men twice my size. I mean I could just push them a few feet. I have to wonder if I could get that to work again. This fundraising idea, involves getting people to place bets per size of donation amount, can I push somebody or can’t I? If somebody bets I can’t, they do not have to pay up. If somebody bets I can, they pay up. This fundraiser could make us money from business people, celebrities, and others.

Not only would it make money, it could also be made into a Youtube video. The Youtube video could go out on Youtube itself, and my blog. I need more help with this than I let on. But I need to recruit maybe people like Dwayne Johnson into this since he has his own mental health stuff going on. I’m pretty much thinking about my non-profit, however, ways of getting it off the ground, and ways of getting myself a salary. I also need to pay my people. Can I please pay my people? As well as pay myself.


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