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Why Nothing Shuts off My “Psychic talent”

August 7, 2018

I’ve been around the block trying out schizophrenia meds. This is what I’m trying to get across to the New Age/Pagan community. It was painful not being on meds until I was 20. It hurt that I couldn’t be stable. All I wanted was to go through class feeling good, not having a panic attack that lasted an hour. Not starting off class manic, and ending class depressed, at all, would have been nice. Some of my former friends do not know the extent of my suffering. I dumped them because they refused to take their medication as prescribed.

You do not fiddle with doses if you do not have permission to fiddle. I can. I was given my doctor’s most holy and sacred blessing to decide my own doses. See, my brain and all its talents, sometimes doesn’t shut up. This is a bipolar thing called pressure of speech. It is why I need to take my medication, as I’m a rapid cycler. Being around untreated rapid-cyclers scares me since that also runs in my family. Nobody wants to be around a suicidal empath for one, which is why I take my medication and the new age community had better get this otherwise you people are dumb as a post.

Its why frankly, I trust skeptics more. Regarding my psychokinesis, it may yet be able to melt the barrel of a gun. This has been bothering me lately since all my psychic talents bother me. Everything I can do, plunges me into a deep depressive fit or maybe that’s just my pimples, high blood sugar, and all that good stuff having any sort of infection brings. At least I’ve managed to lose 5 pounds or so, which is great. The thing about suicidal people is that people like me can pick up on their emotions.

So that’s why I have to take my mood stabilizers because otherwise, I’d be a crumpled mess right now since a friend of mine is feeling rather shitty, and I’m picking up on it. From kilometers away, and I’m not saying where she lives. I’m not even going to drop a hint. I protect the privacy of people I know. I have tried many medications, I’ve attempted Seroquel but the recommended dose was too high, 900 mg. It left me a zombie. Good medication helps you function.

You see, very little can shut off even my telekinesis, which I have to keep under control. I have done that in front of my psychiatrist. I’m coming out in this blog because sooner or later I have to tell somebody about this before it eats me up inside. I’m a skeptic, so when I saw my rock move an inch, a black tourmaline pretty rock, a bullshit rock, move an inch, I thought, here I go again, I’m full of shit. My psychiatrist at the time, the one who saw it, was Dr. Ying Zhang. I told her to keep it to herself, and she will. What I’m on now, keeps me stable.

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