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What Is Telekinesis?

August 8, 2018

Yes, it is real. I have demonstrated in front of my psychiatrist. If you have been reading my blog, you know I also have schizophrenia but I’m not delusional. You see, the psychic shit doesn’t go away when I take my meds. Yes, voices go away when I take my medication. We Pagans believe in the fact that our will can determine our reality. We believe in mind over matter. Our Christian past didn’t prepare us for the real life situation reflecting on the fact that the mind is a very powerful organ. It has the power to determine your feelings for one.

In fact, not only is the mind trustworthy, but the gut has a connection with the mind. This is why feelings wrestle in there. It is why the expression “trust your gut” exists. Telekinesis can be hard to do on command because even psychokinesis can do the same thing. Granted, it is hard to duplicate in a laboratory setting. There is also a kinetic power to break glass with your energy, which I’m trying to learn. Teaching myself is difficult, although I have found a mentor who can teach me some solid stuff. She is medication positive.

I have to tell off dumb new agers all the time, I take medication, and I have schizophrenia. The assholes, however, won’t train me to deal with my talent. Medication keeps me stable, hello? I can’t live without my medication although my family would beg to differ, since nobody in that cesspool of misery takes medication. The thing is, PK is real. I watch spoons and forks bend on a regular basis. I can no longer afford to keep my mouth shut. Telekinesis is also real. I thought it was bullshit for many years until I started being able to do it. I did teach myself off of a web page or at the very least I looked up information, if only to make myself feel comfortable with this, since it scared me to death when it started happening, in 2009. Funny, I thought it was all science fiction, until I saw it.

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