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Fake Candles, They Look Like they Burned Down

August 8, 2018

We now have fake candles that light up exactly like a real candle when you turn it on. But we Pagans need a better solution as we use candles to represent the fire element when we do rituals. We basically have four elements: earth, fire, air, and water, and if you count the fifth element, you have spirit or center. There is also above or below besides center, but that depends on the person as well as the type of spell. Prosperity spells include candles.

The magick in the candle is symbolic. A candle is left to burn down only because you want the energy to go out into the universe as the candle is a focal point for your energy. Candles do not necessarily have to be used though. Candle magick is all well and good but even pyromancy or how the candle is burning is not necessarily the healthiest way to use candle magick. Some pagans, I mean this as a joke, not as a way of making fun of them, have actually had the house burned down since they left a candle on. The thing is, we need alternatives to real candles.

Fake candles are as good as the real thing. I have other items symbolizing fire on my altar, not limited to but including a device that lights up and shines bright colors onto the wall. You can use lightsticks if you want to, as a fire element representation on your altar. My altar has water represented, as a small, blue, circular plate. Fake candles would pretend to burn all the way down, by pushing a button of some kind on the side or whatever. I don’t quite have an image in my head of them. These days, fake candles do turn on with a button on the side.

Fake candles could represent real candles as a stand-in. This would mean that pagans wouldn’t need to worry about burning the house down with the fake ones, nearly as much as they would with the real ones. Real magick, however, can be performed with real candles. Magick can be worked strictly by using the mind. This is called intrinsic magick. You use your mind to cast spells. All you have to do is harness your imagination for this one. Imagination is a powerful thing, that influences the reality around you.

My idea for fake candles requires I meet somebody in the field of designing things because I want to design a model. It would have a lever representing the motion of the candle burning down. The candle would have a light as well, and this is when my idea gets fuzzy in my brain. It would be nice to use fake candles all the time. My ritual life is stagnating a bit because I’m afraid of using candles. Candles really can start fires if left unattended or if they fall. You cannot ever be too careful when it comes to using candles.

Candles outdoors are even more risky, on the beach not so much, though. With all the California wildfire hazards, candles are the least of your worries if you live in that region, which is currently burning. Fake candles spare us a lot of drama at Pantheacon, a yearly pagan conference, and practically one of the few safe places I can be myself at. Fake candles of the type I’m describing could sell very well. Be sure to contact me on my blog and see if we can work together to set up a business selling these candles so that people burn the house down less.

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