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Uri Gellar: Why The Hell Is He So Controversial?

August 8, 2018

Yes, we share a skill set. Yes, I emailed him once out of desperation. Yes, his books resonate with me because I feel good when I read them. As if, he gets it. But see, he was controversial in his day because he’d occasionally fake shit. I’m no faker, I don’t plan to be one. My abilities are as real as my disability. I share a skill set with him but I’m not about to put it out there for people to see, unless it is a Youtube video. It is confusing to people when you show them one thing, then show them something else. Uri Gellar needs to learn some consistency.

This is not something I plan on doing. I’d rather be consistent since I know nothing about stage magic, faking it, or just plain bullshitting people. My psychiatrist really did see my TK. She saw it, as a credible witness. But certain Cry-Buffy’s are not credible witnesses since they take medication, inconsistently, I might add, and are not stable. She doesn’t know the depths of how pissed off I am for messing with her doses without permission. At least I know I have to raise my meds right now.

I can bend spoons, while ranting about something frustrating, like my family not being treated, and refusing treatment. “No estoy enfermo, no necesito ayuda,” a great Spanish title on mental health, is like their mantra. I guarantee frustration is a huge trigger of my PK for me. It also is triggered by rage. I have plenty of both since I keep getting rejected from jobs. Nobody hires me. This is a huge source of frustration, as I only found work as a phone psychic in order to gain experience. I do share a nice skill set with Uri Gellar, who has developed his abilities to the fullest extent he can. Huge PK example, my curtain rod above my computer is bent. The curtain rod by the kitchen table is not bent. Where do I rant about my frustrations the most? My computer desk. Where do I temper frustration with food? The kitchen table. So that region of my living room is not bent. Someday that curtain rod may come crashing down. I will be left without a curtain rod. I’m trying to practice PK on can lids leftover from canned goods. Sometime soon I will have to leave lentil soup on the stove to get that together.


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