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So has anybody given this one any thought?

August 9, 2018

Why do we humans use concrete on our planet full of sidewalks? We could be using the springy stuff they use at children’s playgrounds. But no, we put concrete over everything. If an experimental city could be set up somehow, without concrete everywhere, then maybe we’d do better with construction on our planet. Concrete is certainly cheap but it causes many injuries for people. It is as if the material is set up to be something that Western medicine can use to exploit people who get severe injuries from falling on concrete. Yet nobody thinks about why we use concrete. The streets can be concrete but the sidewalks do not have to be.

Planning new cities will be something all countries have to get started on in order to resolve the overpopulation crisis. The housing resources we have now, we need to use better as the Bay Area has a rent crisis. Rent is huge but the average salary won’t cover it. So what do we do about that? We have to increase salaries and be more like Europe with a four-day workweek in which 35 hours a week is considered full-time. What we have now is like slavery all over again. Most people work well over 40 hours a week anyhow.


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