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Power and Responsibility

August 10, 2018

You see, we the powerful, who practice witchcraft have a responsibility. Mine is to keep my power regulated with my medication. I cannot just lose my shit around people. Someone with my skill set could easily fry someone else’s brain without realizing it, while expressing either mania or depression. So I keep my moods stable since I remember what it I was like in high school without an ability to be stable. I was forced to suffer my symptoms. Certain people would say that I really needed medications in high school because being around me was difficult when I was having crying jags.

My power is now out there since I’ve started this blog. I am less inclined to keep it secret as I do. I’m just a competent peer counselor which I use the skill on Facebook. I’m also a phone psychic for a hotline. I try to use my abilities wisely, in careful manners. Few people need a blunt response from others when asking about their love lives for example. So I try to ask them if they can take what I have to say. They usually do. But anyway, power is your responsibility.

If a pagan cannot wield their power wisely, it is time to put it away until you can. I need to do more rituals for myself. I’m done with cursing, because cursing is very passive-aggressive, I’d rather use direct aggression if I need to. There is such thing as aggression found in your written work too. A curse is merely a way for myself getting out of doing my own dirty work. I have to do some more rituals about self-healing. I found a format in Amber K’s True Magick. But yes, more work lies ahead of me, prosperity and self-improvement are a part of that.

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