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Why Everything Is Made in China Now

August 10, 2018

I’m fed up with the whole “made in China” nonsense. How many others are similarly fed up? Why can’t we make US goods cheap? Why do we have to rely on imports? Everything comes out of China. You realize this is the equivalent of them taking over? Nobody thinks of this that way but scuffles with China do us as much harm compared to what we are trying to do to them? If stuff that’s made in China stocks our shelves, are the lower prices worth it to you? Buy “made in the USA”.

Ways of making “Made in the USA,” with lower prices are something we all have to work on. We can’t just rely on foreign goods anymore. We have to become more self-reliant. We used to be but all this trade with China can’t always be as voluminous as it is now. It is hard for a writer such as myself, to understand why we rely on China so much. Why is it hard for people to find a “made in the USA” laptop. I guarantee that if we brought more production back to the United States, more people would buy products with the label “made in the USA,” if it were cheaper.


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