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Ann Tsukamoto

August 12, 2018

Ann Tsukamoto is a co-patent sharer of the process to isolate a human stem cell. Her research could cure many diseases, from cancer to diabetes. Stem cells are located in the bone marrow, where red and white blood cells grow. Cancer research demands that we figure out how stem cells can be produced artificially. Ann Tsukamoto works for Stem Cells, Inc. since 1998, as the first researcher on a team. Stem cells renew themselves through periods of cell division. There are specific types of conditions that make a stem cell able to retain specific functions.

Stem cells can also come from embryos but the ones in the bone marrow are not part of an embryo situation. If stem cells can be artificially reproduced, then there is a way to cure things like diabetes or cancer. Stem cell research will continue to advance because of Dr. Ann. According to Justia, she has patents in genome editing, and a method for isolating pancreatic cells. Adult stem cells are found in the “brain, bone marrow, blood vessels, skeletal muscles, skin, teeth, heart, gut, liver and other but not in every organ, or tissue. ( Eventually, this research will lead to a cure for many illnesses, in particular, illnesses of the future.

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