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Why I’m Pagan

August 16, 2018

I consider myself a technopagan, and intrinsic magician. I’m also quite a chaos magician because this means that I can fit into any system I want. I have a lot I need to study, and many a book to buy. Amber K’s “True Magick” is a great beginner read. There are long lists of books to read in every chapter. I use as a way of being technopagan. As an intrinsic magician I manage to do stuff in my head all the time even if I have an altar at home that I use to call the quarters. I haven’t actually done ritual in awhile though as I’ve been busy trying to survive on low-income.

When visiting a pagan, it is best not to touch ritual tools. These tools are sacred to the user. See, I’d like this thing called a work from home part-time job. I keep praying, casting spells, and manifesting all for no results. I’m starting to lose the faith I have in myself here, or at least that’s at a bare minimum. I have plenty of time on my hands to blog, but a part-time to full-time writing gig eludes me. I work easily 6-7 hours a day from home, which is a fair part-time to full-time schedule.

I mean I can work from home with no problems but even a work from home gig is hard to find when you have a disability. I’m pretty sure it is that. I need to do more healing magick on myself than I’ve been doing. Pagans have a real self-improvement kick. We do our best to enhance our spiritual development. Word to those who have groups in the pagan community, I do not do naked groups. I practice at home like that when I feel up to it, but not in groups.

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