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Why There Will Be A Woman President Someday

August 17, 2018

Hillary Clinton got pretty far as a female candidate for President. But we need to think about the future in the United States. Eventually there will be a woman president someday. Why are we so backwards? The next President will be Kamala Harris for sure. I can see it, since people will be done with 45 by 2020. Harris will run for office in 2020 most likely. Although I’m not sure what the other options are yet as Senator Bernie Sanders may run again. Other countries can elect women presidents, so why can’t we?

Women run for office all the time, some succeed. We need more minority candidates in Congress as well as people at least 35 years of age, in terms of fresh blood. I don’t quite know how San Jose City Council works yet. There should be candidates who push the universal income as sustainable for the poor because we don’t have that going for us in the United States as a whole. We are way too entrenched in capitalism for our own good. Health care for example, has to be free someday or at least single-payer, where one organization manages health care for all at the federal level, also known as Medi-care for all.


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