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Why I Do Not Believe In Mercury Retrograde

August 21, 2018

Mercury retrograde is about miscommunication. I may be pagan but I don’t do mercury retrograde. I do not believe Internet writers who say that you have to brace yourself, because mercury retrograde is coming. Mercury retrograde would mean that I’d deal with one too many infusion set failures, of which I do not want to deal with since that is costly to my mental as well as physical health. Getting anxious about mercury retrograde by feeling overzealous, and fidgety is the opposite of being cool with whatever is going on the sky.

Retrograde is a common situation found in astrology. This blog states that astrology is about cycles: we have the ability to use basic math so that we can calculate the movements of the planets. Astrology doesn’t mean much to me despite my religious beliefs. Astrology, however, is something I use its symbols of. The Gregorian calendar is a measure of 365 days that Earth takes to orbit around the sun. Each planet that orbits in our solar system moves through the zodiac wheel.

I don’t feel much mercury retrograde anyway while some of my friends are more affected by it. I don’t really notice it, and I’m not the sort of person who needs to do contracts after mercury retrograde just to not be paranoid about a contract failing. I’m just not into mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde is supposed to happen 3-4 times a year, every calendar year. Mercury supposedly rules our intellect and people affected by Mercury retrograde do not necessarily use their intellect wisely during this time, which they believe, has adverse effects with making mistakes, in work and friendship. Brain fog can occur for more reasons besides mercury retrograde such as various health problems. Mercury retrograde helps recover things that are lost but really, I do not take mercury retrograde that seriously.


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