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Pagan Practices

August 21, 2018

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I consider myself a technopagan, chaos magician and eclectic. But then again I’m also an intrinsic magician, a very capable weather mage. Practitioners of witchcraft believe we can influence reality with our will. This is a direct cause-effect assertion. We genuinely believe we have a positive influence on people, things, and situations. My energy is a catalyst. Some people tell me what they want and more often than not they wind up getting it. I need to use this power on myself though. Can I for once, manifest some extra money? I mean seriously, I applied in different places.

I’m doing my best to make more money, sheesh. I mean I stay put on SSI a bit longer but I manifest extra money for extras like Reiki training, psychic training in general, when my knee heals, martial arts training, etc. Can I reenroll in a junior college of my choosing to take online classes? Witchcraft does promise money spells can bring relief. I’m getting myself one of those lucky cats, the green one or the gold one. All of them are about manifesting prosperity regardless of color. So all I have to do is write pieces, and get them published. You see, magick doesn’t work without you doing something about it. This is why we pagans do not hang with The Secret that much. You have to lift a finger, if you write, that’s literal, and you have to do something about your freakin’ situation. You can’t just say, oh well, why is money not coming to me? Do the work. Magick is all about the work.

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