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True Magick by Amber K

August 22, 2018

The pyramid of magick is made up of imagination, a will of steel, a living faith, and to keep silent, and love within. Having a fertile imagination is the first side to the pyramid, you have to vividly experience your goal, adding details of your own to whatever it is you are visualizing. Will is the second side of the pyramid. Your true will is to be passionate about what you want. True will is about “heart and passion; a sword of Fire,” (76). I’ve lost faith in my powers lately. But the third side of the pyramid is a living faith, in your powers, and the reality of magick.

I have to believe in the ability to sleep the whole night. I have to have faith it will happen. I can’t just hide my whole life either, because sooner or later I’m going to have to reveal myself to the world. Words mean that you can bring to you what you want when you talk about it as if it is real. I didn’t realize how down I’ve been about a lot until writing this post. Being low-income is certainly stressing me out a lot. I have to rekindle my faith.

I believe my powers are real, I believe magick is real. We pagans also do not believe in breaking our word. It means that when I promised somebody, an old friend that I’d go to law school. I meant it and I decided law school came first. The fourth side of the magickal pyramid is to keep silent. I’ve kept quite a long time about what I can do. It is still worth it to keep my mouth shut. Amber K writes “another level of meaning is this: a magician must be able to keep silent—become still within and without—in order to become sensitive and receptive to very subtle signals on this plane and others: currents of psychic power, shades of emotion, the presence of unseen spirits (p.77). I have stepped out of the funk. I own my power, my power is real.

Silence, Amber K means, comes from the center of your power. Stillness. Every magician is required to approach your work with love. I haven’t always done this. I had to protect myself from bullies in high school. But that’s over with now, and I’m supposedly safe. There are others I have to protect myself from. But that can wait. I’m safe in the now. I have succeeded at moving an object with my mind in the past. In front of a psychiatrist no less, so my powers are real with this credible witness keeping her mouth shut. I’m no longer afraid of my power or what I’m supposed to do with it.

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