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How to Cast A Spell

August 22, 2018

You can cast a spell through writing it down on paper, or a Word document. Your spell can rhyme or not at all rhyme. Some people believe spells need to rhyme. Not every pagan actually does that though. I’m a technopagan and I use the computer more. I believe in saving paper this way as paper leaves a carbon footprint. I also consider myself an intrinsic magician, which means I cast spells with my thoughts. I don’t give moon phases much thought but I need to work on casting my spells using the moon phases as part of the oomph you have to give a spell if you expect it to work. I have a prosperity spell going with coins on my windowsill to sit in the moonlight and generate prosperity.

I need one of those maneki neko cats to generate more prosperity for myself, which brings good luck to the owner. Cat colors are white, black, gold, and red. Pagans believe that the waxing moon brings stuff to you like money, gain or increase in your life. Then full to dark or moon waning means that you cast spells for decrease or sending away. The highest energy occurs at the full moon, and after writing this article I’m considering doing my workings about moon phases. The new moon is also a powerful time to work magick.

Pagans work with the seasons, magickal tools like my athame, which is a tent stake, are what I use to do my magick with but not all the time. My brain is the most powerful tool I have. I also have a sickle, a curved-moon shape tool. Magick is the direction of will to affect or have an influence on reality. To pagans, magick is real. Visualization directs will, which is also called magickal energy. Writing down spoken words in the form of a chant helps magick manifest.

Magick has to be cast within an ethical framework. Wicca believes in the three-fold law, that any negativity comes back to you full force, or three times what you sent out. I’ve quit cursing because I feel that is a negative thing to use magick for. Besides, my own life goes down the toilet whenever I do too much of that. Spells are words hinging on visualization, attempting to make your magick real in the world. A hex with emotion.

Magick is a very creative act. To cast a spell is to cast a prayer. Prayers work if you believe in it but pagans do have people who do not believe. Magick is about power and energy coursing through your body. Grounding connects you to the earth when you are about to cast a spell, which requires calling in the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit or as some people call it, center. Your will has to focus on the outcome, putting your energy into what you want that outcome to be. Magick has to be held in your head at all times in order to be effective. This requirement is not hard for someone like me who has OCD that requires better treatment than I’m getting. This article has made me want to do more spells for myself in the format’s description. Some spells work, other spells may not depending on how much power you put into it. I need a work from home job, so I’m casting spells for that and then doing the work. We Pagans do not believe in the Secret because visualization only without concrete effort doesn’t work. You have to make an effort in all things in order to get anywhere at all or to get results, period.

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