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The Civil Rights Movement

August 23, 2018



The Civil Rights movement was achieved in part because of social inequalities minorities had to deal with in the 1950s and 1960s. Civil rights legislation was passed despite opposition. The March on Washington occurred on August 23rd, 1963, 100 years after the Civil War. The fact is that in the now, black people still get shot by police even 55 years later. This is why the Black Lives Matter movement was even put together at all. Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21st 1965, with Martin Luther King Jr. following in his footsteps, on April 4th, 1968, and this provoked looting and riots, during a time of major civil unrest.



Originally, before civil rights, schools, transportation, restrooms and gravesites were segregated. People who had put up with this kind of thing in the past do that because they had no way of doing anything different. The United States has a long history of racism. Some stuff hasn’t really changed that much as minorities get paid less than others. Besides, women still get paid less than men. We are still dealing with social inequalities only people are used to it and don’t always make waves. It is time to change some stuff the current administration is merely stoking. We need to radically alter the fabric of American society but nobody has any ideas on how.



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