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PTSD Treatment and Bridges to Recovery

September 7, 2018


There is a list of treatments I need for schizophrenia, my bipolar 1, my OCD, my PTSD, and my body dysmorphic disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, virtual reality exposure therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy for PTSD, acceptance and commitment therapy, medication, treatment for PTSD and substance abuse, (I was an alcoholic for a long time and I kicked it on my own with limited help from people except for a therapist I paid for.). Cognitive behavioral therapy might be able to help me with my fear of crowds. Cognitive behavioral therapy is all talk therapy, which I was into back when I could actually afford a therapist.


Stress affects your body a certain way, but when you try inoculation therapy, stress can be greatly reduced. PTSD therapy teaches coaching skills. Deep breathing is one treatment for PTSD. Muscle relaxation training is another way to cope with PTSD symptoms. Role-playing can help you practice the coping techniques you have learned. You learn to change negative behaviors as well as talking to yourself differently. I’m deprived of treatment options other than reading self-help books or library books in general about all of my mental health conditions. My biggest problem right now though is my inability to trust other people. Somebody destroyed my ability to trust anybody.



I give myself exposure therapy on a regular basis. But seriously, I need to be in rehab. The goal is to make money, move to LA, and actually get me into a rehab facility. I have survived a lot so I’m paranoid about relationships with anybody right now. I’m avoiding dating with a ten-foot pole as well. I need many treatments for my mental health problems, in particular, my anxiety. I’m reading books, and that’s about it. That’s all I can stand.

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