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The Energy of Coercion: How Coercion Works

September 8, 2018


Coercion is something humans can do and it is something gifted humans can do. Coercion simply means that you are forced to do something against your will using fear against you. It is a violent means of persuasion. Coercion is something that makes people who are victims of this human action, paranoid. Coercion may be used physically or psychologically, The law defines coercion as something somebody commits against another person to force them to do something they fear doing or do not want to do. I was coerced into taking more insulin in 2006. To prove coercion there has to be proof of a well-founded fear of death.



Cults use coercion on people to brainwash them into serving their leader all the time. Psychological influence can damage a person. Psychological coercion takes away the victims’ free will as well as their critical thinking abilities. Victims deal with sleep restriction as well as social activity restriction. Offenders exercise control over their victim’s environment by restricting which friends they can see or being with friends who make them feel good. Alternate information and separate opinions cannot be expressed even while engaged in the process of undermining a victim’s feeling of self-confidence and judgment.


The victim has to feel powerless in order for the person using coercion to feel good. The victim is made to feel humiliation, loss of privilege, social isolation, and social status changes. There are feelings created or instilled in the victim revolving around intense guilt, anxiety, manipulation, and more. Coercion makes the victim feel bad, really bad. It is an intense experience. It is hard to get over relationships where coercion existed. But eventually there is peace to be had outside of trauma, since I need treatment at mental health rehab clinics that I have to pay for myself.


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