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How Manipulative People Manipulate You Into Doing What They Want

September 9, 2018


How psychic manipulation works is by getting inside somebody’s energy field in order to tweak it. As in, getting them to do whatever you want by manipulating their energy. If you want them to drink more, you suggest they drink more verbally while messing with them saying, sure, you want to drink this alcohol I’m serving you, don’t be rude. My book, In Sheep’s Clothing, Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People, by George Simon Jr., Ph.D. gets into this more. Combining real psychic ability and manipulation though, and you have an unstoppable predator who doesn’t really consider their behavior based on predation.


Manipulators make normal people feel uncomfortable because sometimes it is hard to “pinpoint why he felt uncomfortable” (72) as a character in the book, In Sheep’s Clothing states. Manipulators also make you feel ashamed and guilty. Manipulators are all about what they do not say, versus what they actually say. Gaslighting after a certain point makes the victim feel crazy. Manipulators deliberately lie about something they claim they would do and then they don’t do it to make you crazy. Shebeast did say she was going to buy me strips, insulin, and a new pair of glasses, but then she says before she leaves, that I wasn’t getting anything extra. Sigh.


Manipulative people think they are above the law, able to get away with anything that they want since not “being able to recognize a wolf or a wolf in sheep’s clothing was his biggest vulnerability” as the character in this scene named Jack didn’t recognize that his female coworker was undermining him in the guise of being supportive as he had been hired to be an executive assistant, a situation that means Betty was busy trying to maintain her power.

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