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Stopping the Curse of Psychic Manipulation

September 10, 2018

The curse is ended by being very firmly grounded in your body. As in, you won’t budge for anybody. You know who you are, you know what you want, you know what your will is. If your will is stronger, strong enough to subvert the cult leader or parent, then you win. Also, you cannot do what it is they want you to do. You have to stand firm against the psychic onslaught. Tell them no. From the age of 2, when kids start talking, “no” is a very firm word. Some healthy families allow them to set boundaries while unhealthy families tell the kid they must be a yes person.



Psychic manipulation only works if you secede your energy to somebody else, as in if you give a piece of your soul away. This is dangerous to do around somebody gifted in the art or science of psychic level manipulation. You can give your soul away without a boundary to this person. Narcissists skilled in psychic arts are very dangerous people. Free will cannot be tampered with. Not even magick can affect somebody else. The way a curse works is that you need to find a way in via somebody’s subconscious if they feel guilty enough to take on the crap you send them.


My curses do not work only because I have joy and I’m light-hearted. I can’t generate enough vehemence to launch that. It doesn’t work on some people anyway. Narcissistic people go “I feel so awesome, I’m the best,” despite how bad they feel if they have other disabilities. You see some people are deliberately manipulative. They mess with people on an energetic and psychic level. I was in a friendship like this and I had to dump her. I did good dumping her because she was making me crazy. I’m glad I got away from her when I did. I have a whole book in my head about this blog posts’ very subject.

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