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How to Kick Manipulative People to the Curb

September 11, 2018

This is a heavy subject as I know my own family likes pulling this crap. I’ve just plain decided not to go to Thanksgiving. I set a firm boundary in an email. I might have found a three-month contract at a worksite that is accessible both by light rail as well as driving. In which case, the job problem is resolved for at least three months although I need to buy myself a model of my old and sabotaged laptop. Manipulative people like using fear and insecurity to manipulate their victims. Clever manipulators want their victim’s obedience to their whims.



Not everybody has the spiritual strength to kick manipulative people out of their lives. Manipulators are busy trying to pretend they like you when they don’t. They really want to control you, body, mind, spirit, and soul. Manipulative people are like that. They really enjoy sadistically controlling other people. They can’t see anything other than their need for control. Manipulators want to control the outcome of their little tease. They experiment on people. They like messing with your head. There is no stopping them other than using the truth to remind them about how they can’t mess with you unless you believe them. Believing them is hazardous.



Some manipulators out of the book, In Sheep’s Clothing, Revised Edition, Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People, the techniques offered help an individual regain their sense of self. Covertly aggressive people use the vulnerability of the victim “They are often very selective about the kinds of people with whom they will associate or work. They are particularly adept at finding and keeping others in a one-down position. They relish being in positions of power over others” (87). The best thing to do with manipulators is to avoid them.


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Simon, George, Jr. Ph.D. In Sheep’s Clothing, Revised Edition, Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People.

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