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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

September 15, 2018

Narcissists are people who only think about themselves without including other people in their grandiose world plagued by delusions. Narcissists can’t take criticism very well. They view this as somebody messing up their veneer or their personality they show to the outside, their image. Narcissistic people are very deliberate in their actions. Narcissists have a shame complex within them that they cannot get rid of without therapy. An abuser doesn’t necessarily have to be a narcissist to do abusive things. Abuse victims need to know they are being abused in order to defend against it, how to build a support system, and a desire to learn and protect themselves.


Narcissistic abuse can come in many forms, such as emotional abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse or sexual abuse. Abusing somebody is a malicious act, no matter what form it takes. Verbal abuse comes in the form of sarcasm, bullying or worse. Constant criticism is a form of this sort of abuse. Narcissists can be manipulative, with a desire to make somebody behave a certain way to be in line with the goals of the manipulator. Emotional blackmail happens when the blackmailer says, “do this or we do something else to you,” you pretty much have no choices with this situation.



Fear, obligation, and guilt are called FOG since it comes along with warnings, intimidation, including threats of punishment. Gaslighting involves making somebody believe that they are incompetent in some way, shape, or form, and in general making, you not trust your own reality. Competition is always a high state of mind for the narcissist as they feel they are out to win even if it the competition is not the form of a game. Narcissists have a lot of games to play with normal people. They don’t know any better as they have the emotional maturity of a toddler after all.


Narcissists frequently enjoy sabotage quite often. Narcissists enjoy sabotage, lying, and many other means to get their way. Narcissistic parents often neglect their children. They especially enjoy character assassination, which they wield with malicious intensity. I should know because my family spreads lies about me quite often. I’m helpless against what they do, since people humor them, or pretend to humor them by listening. I’m kept low-income by my family and my lawyer is scared to write a letter on my behalf. Narcs do not know the first thing about taking responsibility for their behavior. Narcissists are not bothered by guilt either since they enjoy inflicting pain. See, this is my family. It is why I have to avoid my family when they come back to the United States. They live in Europe. I’m going to have to put myself out of harm’s way if I can help it.
















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