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Munchausen by Proxy

September 13, 2018

Munchausen by Proxy is a deliberate attempt by a caregiver, to make a child or a victim sick via the primary caretaker’s deliberate actions. Childhood illnesses are common but the perpetrator deliberate makes their child ill on purpose, to gather sympathy from the doctor or their friends or even people on the Internet. The Munchausen by Proxy sufferer does this to get attention for illnesses that aren’t actually real. They misdirect doctors while lying about the illness they are making up. Munchausen by proxy is known as factitious disorder imposed on another. It is real and has occasionally deadly consequences. Victims have PTSD from all the fake illness they are exposed to or sabotaged by.


Victims of Munchausen by proxy suffer from depression, anxiety, and problems differentiating reality from fantasy. You do not trust your medical symptoms, as well as find yourself anxious about seeking real medical attention when it is necessary. You have trouble feeling safe around other people. Victims of Munchausen feel like blaming themselves for being victimized when there wasn’t anything they could do about it. Sometimes in adult life, victims participate in making stuff up, but the thing is, that this doesn’t happen to some survivors. Residential treatment facilities are important to join up with because this can help your healing process. Some people refuse to take responsibility for their actions with regard to getting treatment for various conditions they suffer from.





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