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Histrionic Personality

September 17, 2018

People with personality disorders flat out suck because they do not know the first thing about how to admit they are wrong. Histrionic people may be faster to get treatment than others though according to Situational factors make their lives unmanageable. Dealing with a histrionic is a pain in the butt, it is that simple since histrionics are needier than average. They exaggerate over the slightest thing and in particular, they love being the weird one dressed differently from everybody else just to get attention. Histrionics are the fakers of the world. They have extreme shallowness.


Histrionics are demanding with their drama with every normal problem in their lives expressed in a dramatic fashion. They view their therapist as sexually attractive. The best sort of therapy for them is solution-based therapy for the client. To get over a personality disorder, one must work hard at destroying what is leftover in their brains about it. They have to change from the inside out. Therapy takes work. It is real work that one must do. Some people, however, are lazy and don’t bother with working on themselves. Histrionics are suicidal sometimes although, with regard to my family, I have to wonder how they hide behind their front so well.


Histrionics do a lot to get attention, including self-mutilate. Sometimes if they are also alcoholic, this could count as self-destructive behavior or self-mutilation because alcohol does a lot of damage to the human body. Healthy people can process only one glass of alcohol per day. Alcoholics drink a lot more than that. Patients with histrionic have little access to their own emotions and some mental health professionals do not want to deal with histrionics anymore than they deal with borderlines. I want to start self-help groups for people with personality disorders since there are few in the present.







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