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Low Self-Esteem

September 18, 2018

We do not want to make the self-esteem movement worse for children under 30, but seriously, low self-esteem overpowers my entire life. Low self-esteem means that some do not value themselves as much as others. I’m eager to start therapy in October, very eager, and only because I’m interested in improving my self-esteem and my life in general. I have to start working on my self-esteem because I view my 22q as this thing that hangs over my head. My families’ lies about my IQ doesn’t help my situation any. They really do lie about a lot, such as my supposed inability to take care of myself.


Yes, that gets the sabotage chuckle out of Shebeast who enjoys throwing me under the bus. She has a particularly cruel giggle when she succeeds at spreading gossip about me. It is only fair to fight back with similar tactics. I need to put myself in Bridges To Recovery rehab since I did take the first step by calling them for more information about how much I’d have to pay for extensive treatment. All I have are self-help books for now. My self-esteem is abysmal and I’m worried I will not fulfill my potential at any rate. Apparently, low self-esteem is not “an accurate reflection of reality or something set in stone”


Self-esteem problems do come from your family to a degree. I have had to deal with negativity from kids my age, I have been through enormous trauma, so yes, I have to work on myself. Dumping significant friendships two years ago to one year ago didn’t necessarily help this state. I’m working on myself, I really have to do this, because I want to do better with my life than where I’m going. I take Work 2 Future classes in the hopes that this can lead to a better job.

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