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Depression and Anxiety

September 19, 2018

Depression and anxiety are bedfellows and are the most common mental illness around. I’ve had my fair share of depression and anxiety to deal with. Anxiety is a rather scary illness because you feel anxious without knowing why. Anxiety is unsettling, as it can drive most people “crazy” with their symptoms of feeling unease eating away at them without knowing quite why that is. Guilt for being well is something I’ve been subjecting myself to lately but with my quality management class, I realize I’m doing better than I thought. Depression can cause guilt even as it causes a decrease in energy, or feeling “slowed down.”



Physical symptoms of depression that cause headaches, digestive disorders as well as pain that cannot be linked to anything physical abounds. Anxiety can make a person agitated. When I had anxiety, I’d be agitated in class a lot but these days while taking my Work 2 Future class, I’m noticing that I’m hardly having sweaty palms. That symptom no longer exists. You bet it feels plenty weird to know what normal feels like. I mean I’m like, where is my anxiety? It’s gone. I can pay attention without sweating. I can manage stress. Medication is fabulous.






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