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Bipolar 1 and 2

September 20, 2018

I’m a solid schizoaffective bipolar 1 while other people I have known are bipolar 2. Bipolar 2 is about depression and having less mania while bipolar 1 is about mania and then you sink into depression. I’m also a rapid cycler, which means that my moods change suddenly while I’m manic. In high school, this was confusing. My family refused me medication at that time in my life. Every year I’d beg and every year the answer was no. Mania in bipolar 1 is more severe than mania in bipolar 2. Besides bipolar 1 and 2, there is cyclothymia and other non-specified or specified bipolar disorders.


Anybody bipolar is subjected to extreme highs and extreme lows. Bipolar 2 causes hypomania, which is a behavioral health problem that requires medication to treat. Some people don’t want to take medication because of the side effects. Mania gives the sufferer extreme energy, makes them very restless, causes trouble concentrating, makes them feel extreme happiness, engage in risky behaviors, such as overspending or extra demands for sex, as well as ultimately causing poor sleep. Bipolar 2s can have depression in the extreme, while somebody with non-specified bipolar has symptoms of scenarios, bipolar 1 and 2.


Alcohol, drugs and other conditions may cause mania because they are outside influences. Hypomania is less severe than a total manic episode. Hypomania isn’t real mania unless influenced by drugs and alcohol. Depression causes a situation where you are feeling sad, and hopeless. You also feel tired, having suicidal thoughts, being irritable, having trouble concentrating, changes in sleeping habits. Bipolar does run in my family but nobody is on medication except me. See what I have to deal with? As of now, there are no markers in the blood that determines whether somebody has bipolar disorder, and the only treatment for any form of bipolar is medication.


Bipolars have to watch out for alcohol use which causes fake stability but that can make bipolar much worse. I strive to include as many of my friends as I can while doing the work that keeps me stable. I also have type 1 diabetes in addition to bipolar 1, and I can get hypomanic which feels terrible. Cyclothymia is a mild form of bipolar disorder. I don’t necessarily have that, because when I get manic I go Star Trek-mirror universe evil, which thus leaves me a lot to apologize for. Hence why I avoid mania by taking my meds. This is power of attorney quiz material btw.

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