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The Difference Between Homicidal Thoughts and Suicidal Thoughts

September 21, 2018

My untreated family wouldn’t know the difference if it hit them over the head. Homicidal thoughts are a thing bipolars go through. Untreated bipolars have this stuff in droves, such as my family, also referred to as the Ferengi if you are on my Facebook page. Bipolars not on meds are very much able to physically assault somebody. Bipolars on medication having an episode are less likely to assault somebody. Preventing mood swings is done using medication but see, my family doesn’t do medication. At all. My family is schizoaffective but doesn’t take medication. You see how terrifying that is for me? I’m busy trying to manifest enough money to escape their orbit when they return in November.



Suicidal thoughts happen when you are not on medication or when you skip doses. Suicidal thoughts occur to those affected by the way they do not take medication to control their moods. Living with people in pain bothers me. I need a place to escape to when my parents return. Homicidal thoughts do happen when somebody isn’t on medication at all. At that point, they are prisoners of their psychotic illness symptoms. They do not have control over themselves, at all. This is why I have to escape the tender ministrations of the Ferengi. I need a way to escape. I need financial help from somebody. Or my writing on this blog.

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