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The Reality of Disability Discrimination

October 10, 2018

I’ve been looking for a job since January 2017. I have sent out many applications. Few respond, but I found one job that was a good match for my resume on I try very hard to apply for jobs I think I might get but I haven’t gotten a break. Can I get a break please? I’m all over the Internets with Vocal.Media and my blog. I interviewed some people over email. One is not SSI, another works but struggles with discrimination, dirty looks, and just plain people being mean, she however, is trying to get on disability.

Getting disability can happen only if you have a genuine disability. I’m lucky I’ve recovered from my health problems but some aren’t so lucky. One irresponsible move and I’m pretty much screwed. This old friend of mine uses crutches and a wheel chair to get around. What sucks is that she feels you cannot disclose your disability while risking not getting hired. I disclose often enough but I may have to just quit doing that already even with my Internet presence. When my friend worked, she was discriminated against which makes me sick to death about dealing with other people’s attitude problems with disabled people.

Some of my friends work via laptop wifi, which can be accessed outside of the house. She has managed to avoid SSI. Another friend has thoracic outlet syndrome, which affects blood flow to her arms that required surgery. Surgery has helped her situation a lot but ministrokes cause cognitive issues for her. She doesn’t get as much stigma as the other respondent to my questions because all of her companies have been supportive. My goal is to bring free medical care for everybody in the United States who wants it. I want to get people on SSI or off of SSI with my non-profit. Sooner or later discriminatory policies by companies on disabled people have to come to an end.

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