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Don’t Trust E.T. Races Who Use Channeling

October 9, 2018

I don’t see why some of you people trust E.T. channelings from Arcturians or Pleiadians. The thing about that is, I trust no one. I do not let myself channel such creatures. Why the hell should I listen to what they have to say about my life or the planet? They are messing with trance mediums if they do that to people who think they are receiving actual communication. I’m a trance medium but I have schizophrenia, which means that I cannot necessarily channel in a manner that allows entities to take over my voice and body.

You have to be careful with disincarnate beings anyway. They may not be telling you the truth, in fact they may just be having fun or maybe the channeler is having fun. Disincarnate beings are trying to take over the medium’s body. This is an inherently unsafe practice. They really do not want to do the medium good, they mean the medium harm half the time anyway. In which case, the only solution you people have is to not channel any old entity that pops by claiming to be this, that or the other. Channeling can lead to no good if the medium is not discerning.

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