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Handling the Classroom Loudmouth

October 14, 2018

Even if there is always a classroom loudmouth, you do not need to put up with their shit. Loudmouths who pick on other people are very insecure about what they actually have to say. They do not know what they are talking about. They keep asking questions about stuff they do not understand. I felt my teacher was getting picked on in this quality management class. High conflict people have no idea the impact they are making on others. They are mean, plain and simple. My teacher was deliberately provoked into overreacting. That is a bipolar narcissist for you, and I mean the person who was picking on him.

The loudmouth was hard to resist with their provocations being constantly emphasized. Our teacher had trouble keeping the class focused with her constant interruptions. She’d tap her pen before speaking. I have no idea how she managed to write good notes because she destroyed my focus every time she spoke up. She is somebody who doesn’t know to be quiet anyway, if only because she has no clue how her behavior affects others. Her being a loudmouth put me off. I was scared of her every time she opened her mouth.

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